Queen’s Rapier Championship Fall 2018

When: Saturday, October 27, 2018 9 am to 8 pm
Where: Izaak Walton League — Lois Green-Sligo Chapter
8721 Snouffer School Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20879
What: : Rapier tournament with A&S competition
Adult, Event Registration: $20.00 Day-Trip $10.00 Feast
Adult, Member Discount: $15.00 Day-Trip $10.00 Feast
Youth (6-17): $10.00 Day-Trip $10.00 Feast
Child (0-5): $0.00 Day-Trip $0.00 Feast
Family cap: $40 for day-trip fees (does not include feast)
Make Checks Payable To: SCA-MD, Shire of Roxbury Mill

Atlantian Rapier Fighters–Your Queen needs you!!!

All rapier fighters are welcome and encouraged to enter.
There will be two lists running simultaneously. The Queen’s list will be for those who have never been a Queen’s champion and The Atlantian list will be for all of those who have had the honor of that title or would prefer not have the responsibility of champion but would still like to fight the tourney.

The Queen’s list will have two individuals chosen, one by Prince Ragnarr to be His King’s Champion and one by Princess Lynette to be Her Queen’s Champion. These two individuals will not necessarily be the last two standing. Two will be chosen from the final 6-8 depending on numbers and tournament style based on the following:

*Prowess shown with a rapier
*Honor for Royals and other fighters
*Kingdom Pride
*Enjoyment of the Tournament and fellow fighters

Format – Fighters divided into separate pools. Top fighters from their pools will then advance into a Single Elimination bracket. The Finals may be a special format at Their Majesties whim.

The winner of the Atlantian list will be given the title of Royal Rapier of Atlantia and be given Atlantia’s champion slot at Gulf Wars.

Format – Standard Double Elimination. Finals are subject to Their Majesties whim.

Cut & Thrust Tournament
Format – Triple elimination. (Maestro Alessandro WILL have a pair of gauntlets for those who may need them facing Longsword)

Pickups will be allowed all day!

9:00 am Troll opens
9:00 am – Authorizations and Inspections
10:00 am – Procession
11:00 am – Tournaments: Royal tournament and Atlantian tournament will be running simultaneously.
12:30 pm – break
1:30 pm – Cut & Thrust Tournament
3:00 pm – Pickups
4:30 pm – Court
5:30 pm – German Feast (40 seats)

Event Steward: Lady Clara Brauer
Marshal in Charge: Maestro Alessandro Andretti
Head Chef: Baron Hamish MacLeod
Arts and Sciences Coordinator: Lady Faye de Trees

Arts and Sciences
Open display for any work related to the rapier community with documentation encouraged.

Dressed as the Peacock” competition for best rapier and late period garb. Points awarded for documentation, display, construction, fit, meeting rapier fighting safety rules, overall look and fabulosity. One purpose awarded to highest points and one awarded to Queen Jynette Mead’s choice.
Entries in the competition should be set up at the A&S display tent before one’s tournament begins (no later than noon to allow for judging). Entrants are also welcome to don their garb after the tournament to strut their stuff for Her Majesty during feast.

A bardic fyt challenge will also be held just after lunch break. This fyt is sponsored by Lady Faye de Trees who requests you bring tales, songs, or performed poetry on the topic of swordplay. A fyt is a challenge to learn something new and expand your repertoire and welcomes interesting interpretations of the challenge. Pieces should be under 10 minutes. All entrants will receive a prize.
For questions or to request display space, please email feataure@gmail.com

German Oktoberfest theme:
cheddar ale soup, grilled brats, German potato salad, cabbage salad, bread and dessert.
The event cook would like it noted that given the short lead time and the need to keep things within the scope of his abilities/ the climate/royal whim/ and limited facilities at a primitive site(for cooking)- the menu is going to limited to mainstream cooking/dining options and there will be no attempt to cater to special dietary concerns beyond anything actively harmful to diners.

No additional charge for merchant space. Merchant space is limited and will be allocated based on order of pre-registrations received. You will be set up in the shade under tree cover, but the area does have a gentle slope.

* Use this link to reserve dayshade or merchant space. You will receive email confirmation.
* Due to the small size of the event, all trolling and pre-registration will be by cash or check.
* Wet Site (no modern containers, please)
* Service Animals only
* Active Apiary at far end of parking lot (APIS MELLIFERA, which are Italian honeybees)
* Long gravel drive to site == watch your undercarriage!

* To pre register, please mail a check made out to “SCA-MD, Shire of Roxbury Mill” ($15 member/$20 non-member; $10 lunch feast) and a paper with all pre-registrants’ SCA & mundane names & member #s to:
Elysse Meredith
13018 Town Commons Drive
Germantown, MD 20874

From points South and East:
Follow I-270 N to MD-124 N/Montgomery Village Ave in Gaithersburg. Take exit 10-11 for MD-124/MD- 117/Montgomery Village Ave/W Diamond Ave toward Clopper Rd/Quince Orch. Rd Use any lane to take exit 11 to merge onto MD-124 N/Montgomery Village Ave Turn right onto MD-124 N 0.6 mi Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Goshen Rd Turn right onto Centerway Rd 0.8 mi Turn left onto Snouffer School Rd Turn Right onto Turkey Thicket. In order to get on-site, you will need to drive down Turkey Thicket past a large warehouse, after which you will bear right onto a gravel drive. Follow the gravel drive until it ends.

From the North/West:
Follow best route to I270 S, follow same instructions as above (taking exit 11, etc.)

● With any further questions, please contact the event steward (Lady Clara Brauer) at katekicks808@gmail.com