May/June 2021 Virtual A&S Schedule

The schedule for virtual A&S activities from May through the end of June is:

  • May 5 – Flyting w/ Ollaimh Ruaidhri an Cu. If you can’t say something nice, at least say it in poetic verse. 
  • May 12 – Poetic Meter with Lord Ishmael Stedfast Reed. Ish will review poetic meter and how to get it right.
  • May 19 – Tour of the Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba with Epy Pengelly, Armiger. Taking a break from poetry while the bards are off at war, Epy will take us on a tour of this fascinating and historic monument.
  • May 26 – Alliterative Verse with Lady Ealawynn Mæru. alias Ela expertly explains epic Anglo-Saxon alliterative verse.
  • June 2 – Music of the Troubadors with Magistra Iselda de Narbonne. Iselda will tell us all about the wonderous poetry and song of the amazing Troubadours. 
  • June 9 – Medieval Welsh Poetry with Ollam Lanea verch Kerrigan. Per Lanea, Aneirin and Taliesin in particular will be lauded as the geniuses they were. 
  • June 12 or 13 – Bonus A&S – Atlantia University discussion. Date/Time TBD!
  • June 16 – Intro to Tang Dynasty Poetry with Lady Talia de Morales. Talia will wrap up our exploration of poetic forms with a discussion of what is often considered the Golden Age of Chinese poetry.
  • June 23 – Medieval foodstuffs with Lord Aurelio Vitrisoni. Aurelio will talk/demonstrate about an aspect of medieval cuisine (to be determined when we get a bit closer to the date).
  • June 30 – Open A&S and Poetry Sharing – Come and work on whatever A&S project you have going at the time. Anyone who might have been inspired to write poetry as a result of our poetry sessions is welcome to share their creation.

All virtual meetings start at 7:30pm Eastern and will occur at our usual Google Meet (

April 2021 Virtual A&S Schedule

The schedule for April’s virtual A&S activities is:

  • April 7 – Inkle and Tablet Weaving Night! We have a number of narrow-weavers in the shire (and a number of folks who want to learn!), so roll up to A&S to share your work and learn from each other!
  • April 14 – History of Science Documentaries! Looking towards the science-focused Atlantian University in June, we will be watching several short documentaries on the history of science.
  • April 21 – Scribal/Bardic Night Returns (now with Fiber)! Bring your bardic and share with the shire! Bring your scribal projects to work on and share between songs! Since we began this month with inkle and tablet weaving, we also invite the fiber artists amongst the shire to bring their projects to work on and share!
  • April 28 – “Beyond Kells” with Bran Mydwynter! Everyone’s favorite Bran will be highlighting Insular manuscripts apart from the Book of Kells and the Lindesfarne Gospels that are helpful for scrollmaking.

April 7, 21, and 28 will occur at our usual Google Meet ( The link for April 14 will be posted to the shire Facebook and sent to the email list by 7:15 that night.

March 2021 Virtual A&S Schedule

Here is the schedule for March’s virtual A&S activities:

  • March 3 – Period Games with Nicolo
  • March 10 – Scribal/Bardic Combo Night.
  • March 17 – Who Am I? Developing Your Persona with Ela
  • March 24 – History of Embroidery with Lanea.
  • March 31 – A Night at the Theatre! We will be watching the Globe’s critically acclaimed women of colour production of Richard II.

For March 3, 10, 17, and 24, we will meet in our normal Google Meet room ( For March 31st, our venue may change depending on the video source; the link will be sent to the RM email list and posted on Facebook by 7 PM day of. All A&S begins at 7:30.

February 2021 Virtual A&S Schedule

Here is the schedule for February’s virtual A&S activities:

  • Feb 3 – Sanshin: The heart of Ryukyuan music – Kame Gusukuma
  • Feb 10 – No Fit Instrument- The Bagpipe Pre-1600 – Matthaeus Du Puy
  • Feb 17 – Post-University roundtable
  • Feb 24 – Documentary night (TBD)

For February 3, 10, and 17, we will meet in our normal Google Meet room ( For February 24, our venue may change depending on the video source; the link will be sent to the RM email list and posted on Facebook by 7 PM day of. All A&S begins at 7:30.

January 2021 Virtual A&S Schedule

Happy 2021! Here is the schedule for January A&S activities:

  • Jan. 6 – Documentary Night: Byzantium! (Note: this is a *long* documentary. We will plan to watch the first half, and will either finish up the second half in February or independently, as the group decides)
  • Jan. 13 – Drafting Gloves Fitted for You! – Leonarda will be teaching us how to create custom-fit gloves, perfect for this cold time!
  • Jan. 20 – Bog Bodies! Lanea will be teaching us all about bog bodies in this preview of her university class
  • Jan. 27 – Scribe like a Graphic Designer! Bran Mydwynter (one of our Plaguetime Proxbury Millfolk) will be sharing some tips and tricks in this preview of his university class.

For January 13, 20, and 27, we will meet in our normal GoogleMeet room ( For January 6 our venue may change depending on the video source; the link will be sent to the RM email list and posted on Facebook by 7 PM day of. All A&S begins at 7:30.

December 2020 Virtual A&S Schedule

  • December 2 — Mistress Molly will be giving us insight into the A&S judging process and how she judges A&S competitions. If you are planning to enter Twelfth Night competitions (or any competitions in the future, really!), this class will be greatly informative!
  • December 9 — Open A&S! Come hang out and chat while many of us get ready for Rome for the Holidays!
  • December 16 — Join Epy Pengelly, Armiger for a virtual visit of the Neues Museum. Located on Museum Island in Berlin, it houses the Nefertiti Bust, the Berlin Gold Hat, and much more. The museum building suffered damage during WWII, and you can see how they pay homage to its history and original design, while creating interesting and immersive displays in the present. Epy is a museum professional that specializes in museum lighting and exhibition design, so expect some behind-the-scenes practical considerations for the displays, as well as some in depth information on highlighted objects!
  • December 23 — Documentary on the Viking Sagas!
  • December 30 — We’re closing out the year with a viewing of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, arguably the most accurate Arthurian movie yet (no, that’s not a joke).

For December 2, 9, and 16, we will meet in our normal GoogleMeet room ( For December 23 and 30, our venue may change depending on the video source; the link will be sent and posted on Facebook by 7 PM day of. All A&S begins at 7:30.

November 2020 Virtual A&S Schedule: “Rome for the Holidays”

Thanks to the hard work of Lady Lucy, we have a fantastic line-up of Roman-related classes for November!

  • November 4: “Globi & Possibly More” with Talia! Talia is going to do a cooking demonstration of Roman globi, which are basically donuts. If time permits, we may get into a discussion of Roman breads.
  • November 11: “Sic Semper Tyrannus, Lanea v. Rome” with Lanea (obviously). Lest we swallow the Roman red pill, Lanea will remind us why Rome sucks as we should all fight the power!
  • November 18: “Roman Clothing” with Dame Emma West and Surprise Guest. Dame Emma and a TBD surprise co-teacher will download us on what the Romans wore – with plenty of time to pull something together before the actual Rome for the Holidays festivities.
  • November 25: “Satire & Elegy and the Invention of Personal Poetry” with Katie! Katie is going to teach us some Roman cultural stuff because she is wicked smart and knows things (this is the official description).
  • Date TBD: “Parthian Chicken Cooking Demonstration” with Aurelio! On a TBD weekend afternoon in earlyish November, Aurelio will demonstrate cooking a Roman dish called Parthian Chicken. He will also discuss Roman spiced wine, the predecessor to hippocras.

All Wednesday classes will take place in our normal Google Meet:

October 2020 Virtual Rapier Practice Schedule

For October’s virtual marshal practice, we will be spending time with Lord Jacques Gonst (Jonathan George), Lady Margeurite (Meredith Horne) and Lord Ishmael will discuss fencing techniques from Vienna Anonymous later in the month!

  • October 7: Workout Circuit with Jacques Gonst
  • October 13 (TUESDAY!): Workout and Fencing Drills with Margeurite
  • October 21: Vienna Anonymous Discussion with Ishmael
  • October 27 (TUESDAY!): Workout and Fencing Drills with Margeurite

Weekly virtual rapier practice will be from 6:30-8pm every Wednesday (or Tuesday for special classes where noted above)

To join the video meeting, click this link:

Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 413-424-4539 and enter this PIN: 407 983 629#