When: Saturday, June 8, 2019 from 9 am to 5 pm

Where: Lois Green-Sligo Chapter Izaak Walton League of America.
8711 Turkey Thicket Dr, Gaithersburg, MD 20879

What: : Rapier, archery, A&S event
               And a LUNCH feast!

Adult: $20.00 Day-Trip; $10.00 Feast
Adult, Member Discount: $15.00 Day-Trip; $10.00 Feast
Youth (5-18): $10.00 Day-Trip; $10.00 Feast
Child (0-5): $0.00 Day-Trip; $0 Feast
Family cap: $40 for event registration
Make Checks Payable To: SCA-MD, Shire of Roxbury Mill

On June 8th, 2019, come to the Shire of Roxbury Mill for the hit sequel to last year’s Skewered!. At Skewered! 2, it’s dangerous to go alone — so bring a friend. There will be Rapier, Archery, Arts & Sciences and Bardic Competitions, as well as a hot lunch feast as a Shire fundraiser.

Lunch Menu:
A selection of “New World” food pairings:

Roasted turkey breast with cranberry chutney
Roasted ham glazed with pineapple and paprika
Blend of wild and white rices with black beans
Corn cakes sweetened with maple syrup
Salad of tomatoes and avocados
Fresh ricotta seasoned with vanilla and honey and served with blueberries


Rapier: RMIC Ffernfael Ap Kymro.
It truly is dangerous to fight by oneself, so this event’s activities will focus on pairs. Paired Valhalla melee will start the day, followed by a Bedford tourney in which prizes will be awarded to the Valhalla pair with the highest combined mean score. After a break for lunch, activities will continue with a Blacksword and Free Scholar Prize.

Archery: AMIC Gregge the Archer. 

  • Royal rounds in the morning
  • Marshals class in the middle
  • Novelty shoot after lunch

A&S: A&S: MoAS Lady Elenor de La Rochelle alias Ela and Sarah La Malade. 
“Jack of Two Trades” A&S competition! Entries should fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • one item made using two different techniques (for example, a handsewn fabric bag with hand-cast metal fittings)
  • two items of the same kind made with different techniques (for example, a glass bowl and a pottery bowl)
  • two items of the same kind from different time periods (for example, a 9th-century necklace and 16th-century necklace)

Only work in one area? Enter with a friend—pairs are encouraged! 

Judging will be by bean count (blind populace vote). Documentation is required to explain to the populace how the item(s) fit(s) the competition; EZ-Doc is more than acceptable. There will be a prize for best entry! Any questions can be addressed to Lady Ela at  

Bardic Fyts:

Fyt one: Duets

Sponsored by Lady Faye de Trees, Queen’s Bard of Atlantia

“To sing a duet together means sharing with someone both the pleasure and the responsibility of making music for an audience which is there to feel enjoyment through music .” –Andrea Bocelli

Bring the beauty of two voices intertwined or the resonance of spoken call and response, we will celebrate the power of two with dueling duets!!

Fyt two: Twins

Sponsored by Ollam Lanea inghean Uí Chiaragáin. King’s Bard of Atlantia

Whether you relate the tale of Romulus and Remus–bringers of sorrow, or Macha’s twin sons–bearers of grace, or any other set of twins from history or myth. Bring me songs and stories of twins or doublings–for good or ill.

Children’s Activities:

Kids coloring scavenger hunt, 9:30am – 11am

  • Scavenger hunts will be available at the Children’s Corner, where you can also pick up drawing utensils.  Scavenger hunts will not include spelling words of any kind, but will include descriptions of items that must be found and marked on a map, or drawn (to the best of the scavenger’s drawing ability — stick figures allowed!).  They will aimed at ages 6-12, but younger kids can participate with some parental assistance.  Scavenger hunts should be completed independently, and returned to the Children’s Corner at 11am, where we will be participate in a Sharing Circle to share the answers and what we’ve all found.  The Sharing Circle will be from approximately 11-11:15am.  Scavenger hunts will be available for the rest of the day at the Children’s Corner, but there will not be a second Sharing Circle.

Whack-a-warrior, 11am – 12:30pm

  • Similar to Pennsic’s Whack-a-Warrior, we will have two Warriors ready to battle your children — to the death!  Children must be 12 or younger in order to participate (exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis on request).  Children and Warriors will each have a “sword” made from a pool noodle, and Warriors will only “fight” one child at a time.  Children must line up to enter the battle ring, and may only enter when told to do so — after they win their battle, children must exit the ring and can return to the line if they choose.  Warriors will be available for battling following the Sharing Circle and until lunch.

LUNCH BREAK 1pm – 2pm

Hot potato/Wonderball game with candy 2pm – 2:30pm

  •  Immediately after lunch: This game includes a sesame-honey candy that is individually wrapped, peanut free and gluten free — all children who participate will receive 1-2 candies.  Similar to hot-potato, the children will sing a medieval-esque rhyme while passing a ball around the circle (the rhyme will either be ring around the rosy, or will be taught to the children at the start of the activity).  When the rhyme ends, the child who has the ball on their lap will be “out.”  However, the ball will be created from layers of cloth wrapped around the sesame candies.  When a child is out, they may unwrap one layer of cloth to take the candy under the layer before leaving the circle.

Kids coloring pages 2:30 – 4pm

  • SCA coloring pages and coloring utensils will be available at the Children’s Corner.  This is an independent activity, with no supervision from the Youth Coordinator.  Coloring pages and utensils will be cleaned up at the end of the day, before announcements.

Registration Information:
Make checks out to: “SCA-MD, Inc, Shire of Roxbury Mill”

And send checks for pre-registration to:
14305 Parkmanor Ter.
Rockville MD 20853

Please indicate with the check the number of tickets and feasts at each price point, that make up the total value of the check.

Dayshades and Merchants: 
If you would like to register a dayshade for the field, or request space for merchanting, please fill out this form.

For any further questions, please contact the autocrat (Lord Ishmael Balienier) at