Skewered III: The Golden Age of Poland

Relive the splendor and enlightenment of the reign of King Sigismund I as Roxbury Mill’s signature event returns!

The Golden Age of Poland was ushered in during the reign of King Sigismund the 1st, who ruled Poland from 1506 till his death in 1548. In this era and for the rest of the 16th century, Poland actively participated in the European Renaissance; art and scientific study flourished, cultural exchange and trade exploded, and progressive social policies emerged, such as the making of the first Jewish knight (without being forced to convert to Christianity)

History of King Sigismund 1:

General time period information:

Date and Time: 2022-08-27. Site opens at 9 AM & Closes at 6 PM

Site: Izaak Walton League, Lois Green/Sligo Chapter
8711 Turkey Thicket Drive Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Driving Directions to Site

Event Steward: Ava Deinhardt

Site details: Dogs are allowed, provided they are leashed and owners are responsible for their mess. Alcohol use allowed on site. Caution: gravel drive.

Feast: Jewish Summer Harvest Feast. 100 slots available, details below.



10 AM – Range Opens

11 AM – 12:30 PM – “The Ins and Outs of Asiatic Archery: How to deal with Static Eared Recurves”, a class by Naran Noyon of Ponte Alto

3 PM – Range Closes


Skewered shall have a single Grand Rapier Tournament. Every combatant will face off against every other combatant in a Round Robin format with their preferred weapon forms. The top eight winners will then face off in a ” best of three elimination round, with the final two facing off in a Best five set fights.

Finals: individual lower score will choose weapon form both fighters for first bout. Afterwards, loser of the previous bout chooses the form.

Pickups will be allowed in the morning with any/ all authorizations, before the tournament and after the tournament.

Tentative schedule:

9:00 AM – Pickups and Authorizations

10:00 AM – Tournament announcement and Q&A

10:30 AM – Tournament begins with announcements for pairings

12:30 PM – Round Robin concludes, break for Lunch

1:30 PM – semi finals and finals announcements and pairings.

1:45 PM – beginning of semis and finals.

Thrown Weapons

10 AM – Range Opens

3 PM – Range Closes

A&S – Themed Competition

Theme: 16th Century Eastern Europe

Documentation: At least EZ-Doc level

Drop off: 9am-10am

Format: Populace Choice Beancount – Each person who visits the A&S area will be given three event-specific tokens with which to vote on their favorite entry. They may give any number of their tokens to any number of entries, i.e. three to one entry, one each to three entries, etc. Winner will be the entry with the most tokens, and will be announced at the end of the event. Judging begins at the end of the A&S Drop-off period.

Artisan’s Tea – 10am-11am

In the Golden Age spirit of cultural exchange and the enthusiastic sponsorship of artists and scientists by Sigismund I, we offer a relaxing teatime at 10am (at the end of A&S drop-off), for artists and scientists and craftspeople of all kinds to meet, mingle, and share their pieces and advice with each other. Drinks and light food will be served.

Meet the Artisans Hour – 2:00 PM

Have you ever visited an A&S Display and marveled at the object, but wanted to know more about how it was made? Have you ever entered a competition and wished you could get feedback from others who make things like yours?

At Skewered, we want to give both makers and populace a chance to interact, meet, and learn from each other more directly. For an hour of the event, we request that all the artisans who have submitted pieces to the competition return to the A&S area to attend their pieces so that the populace can get to know you and your work more directly than just reading your documentation.

Bardic – 3PM

Join Magistra Iselda de Narbonne for an afternoon of bardic! Bring your finest songs, stories, poems, or instrumental music. Want to attend but not perform? Audience members are welcome!

Bardic at Skewered will be a Bardic Safe Space! What does that mean? Read on:

1) Performing a new piece for the first time? Performing for the first time? We’d rather hear your work, even if it’s imperfect, than not hear you at all!

2) If you would like feedback on your performance, please say so and explain what kind of feedback you’d like (ie, performance feedback, writing feedback, “please just tell me what I did right,” etc.).

2) Please DO NOT offer feedback to performers unless it is requested. Compliments and encouragement, however, are always appreciated!

You are welcome to perform works on any topic, but Magistra Iselda will have special tokens for those who respond to the following challenge:

1)  Gems of the Polish Renaissance: Poland experienced a “Golden Age” due in large part to the intermingling of many different cultures within its borders. Polish culture thrived and welcomed artists from other Slavic nations. Many Italian artists relocated to Poland. Poland was also home to a rich Jewish community. And that just scratches the surface! Perform a piece by or about one of the cultures that contributed to the Golden Age of Poland.

2)  What I Did On My Summer Vacation: Did you go to Pennsic? Perform a piece that you picked up there! Didn’t get to go to Pennsic this year? Find a piece about Pennsic and perform that! Or write a piece about how sad you were not to go. Or about what you did instead! You get the idea.

3)  Organology: No, you don’t need to play the organ for this (although if you bring a portative organ to Skewered, Iselda will be your new best friend!). For this challenge, incorporate a musical instrument into your performance in some way.

Children’s Activities

9:30-11 Welcome Activities

11-11:30 Story Time

11:30-12:30 Games

12:30 Break for Lunch

1:30‐3 Whack-a-Warrior

3-4:30 SCA Coloring Book Pages


Full ingredients and dietary information here.

Come enjoy a summer harvest feast with the tantalizing treats from Ashkenazi Jewish culture! Enjoy the uniquely Eastern-European tradition of fruit soup with our spiced blueberry soup with yogurt garnish, along with savory potato knishes, challah rolls, salt-brine pickles, and a savory cheese-egg tart. Dessert follows with vanilla meringue cookies. 100 feast spots are available this year.

Sigismund I ushered in a Golden Age for Poland, and granted sanctuary to the Jews who were expelled from other countries. These Jews came mostly from other areas of Eastern and Western Europe, whose communities had originated along the Rhine River between Germany and France, an area called Ashkenaz.

Due to the specifics of the Jewish religion, meat and dairy were never eaten in the same meal, and so, many dishes were invented to include neither meat nor dairy, so they could be eaten with either item depending on the situation. As befits a midday summer harvest, our feast will include dairy as an optional add-in, but true to the culture, will not include meat. A limited number of potato knishes will also be made gluten-free. Most items contain eggs. Please direct any questions to Nyvein bat Rav Adam at