Current bylaws as voted on and approved 12/5/2013.

Bylaws of the Shire of Roxbury Mill
Society for Creative Anachronism
Montgomery County, MD

Article I: Membership in the Shire

1. All members of the SCA who reside within the borders of the Shire of Roxbury Mill will be considered to be members of the Shire.
2. All members of the Shire may:
a. Make and vote on proposals at Shire business meetings.
b. Stand for election to Shire Officer positions.
3. Members of the SCA who are not members of the Shire may:
a. Attend Shire business meetings but may not make or vote on proposals made therein, excepting if they are a Shire Officer.
b. Stand for election to Shire Officer positions with the approval of a majority of the current Officers, including the Seneschal.
4. Non-members of the SCA are welcome to attend business meetings but may have no official standing within the Shire.

Article II: Shire Officer Positions, Election and Removal.

1. Shire Officers are tasked with various duties, both to the Shire and to the Kingdom of Atlantia. It is the responsibility of the Officer to ensure that they are familiar with and able to complete all duties assigned to that position.
2. The Society requires that the Shire maintain at all times the offices of Seneschal, Exchequer, and at least one of the following: Herald, Marshal, or Minister of Arts and Sciences.
3. All Officers of the Shire are elected to a term of two years.
a. The Shire sets no limit on number of terms an individual may serve in office, however there is a limit of two consecutive terms per office.
4. Individuals may hold no more than two concurrent offices.
a. The Seneschal may hold no other office.
5. All Shire Officers must maintain membership in the SCA for the duration of their term. A one-month grace period will be given between expiration and renewal, after which said Officer will be considered to have resigned.
6. A brief description of the current Shire Officer positions in the Shire of Roxbury Mill is as follows:
a. Seneschal – Acts as administrative head of the Shire
b. Exchequer – Supervises Shire financial matters
c. Herald – Supervises Heraldic activities
d. Knight Marshal – Supervises Armored activities
e. Rapier Marshal – Supervises Rapier activities
f. Archery Marshal – Supervises Archery activities
g. Chronicler – Records Business meetings and produces Shire newsletter
h. Chatelaine – Organizes recruiting and newcomer activities
i. Minister of Arts and Sciences – Organizes Arts and Sciences activities
j. Web Minister – Organizes and maintains Shire web presence
7. Election of Shire Officers will be handled as follows:
a. When an officer position becomes available it will immediately be announced by the Seneschal on the Shire list.
b. Any member of the Shire may be nominated or self-nominate.
c. Any member of the SCA may be nominated or self-nominate once appropriate permission has been given.
d. Election of the position will occur at the first Business meeting that is greater than two weeks after the initial announcement of the position.
i. All individuals who wish to be considered must attend the designated Business meeting and provide proof of SCA membership.
ii. All members of the Shire may cast a single vote, including nominees.
iii. In a tied vote, the decision will pass to the Shire Officers present. If this results in a second tie, the Seneschal will cast the deciding vote.
e. Deputy Officers may be elected to any and all positions named above.
i. Candidates for Deputy positions must be submitted by the Officer to whom they will be deputized; said Officer must announce the nomination and the candidate must be confirmed by a majority vote at the next Business Meeting.
ii. As Deputy Officers must be nominated by the Officer to whom they will be deputized, there is no mandated timeline for announcement and voting of the nomination.
8. Resignation of a Shire Officer will be handled as follows:
a. A Shire Officer that wishes to resign must give advance notice to the Seneschal, and senior Officer if said Officer is a Deputy.
b. Once notice has been given and acknowledged by the required parties, said Officer will present their resignation to the Shire Officers.
c. Any resigning Officer is expected to either complete outstanding duties or brief a selected replacement of all important factors.
9. Removal of a Shire Officer will be handled as follows:
a. The Seneschal will discuss the matter with the Officer in question and attempt to resolve the situation.
b. If a situation is perceived to be ongoing and of sufficient severity, the matter will be brought before the other Shire Officers, at which time they will decide whether it is necessary to consider removing said Officer.
c. If the Officers decide to consider removing said Officer, a meeting will be held with a minimum of 2/3 of currently serving Officers, where both the subject and the Seneschal must be present. The subject will be given a chance to defend their actions, after which the Officers will vote on the subject’s removal.
d. Removal of a Shire Officer requires unanimous approval of all Shire Officers present, excluding the subject.
e. If a conflict of interest exists that may unduly influence the decision of an officer or officers in this matter, the influenced party is required to remand themselves from the discussion.

Article III: Acts of The Shire.

1. For the purposes of this policy, an Act of The Shire (Act) is defined as any event, action, statement, gift, etc. that is done publically in the name of, or intimately concerns, the Shire of Roxbury Mill.
2. All Acts must be approved by a majority vote at a Shire business meeting, including unanimous approval from all Shire Officers present.
3. Regular reports made by Shire Officers to the Kingdom of Atlantia are not considered Acts even if made on behalf of the Shire. However, it is requested that pertinent information be presented at Shire board meetings.
4. Statements made by Officers or members of the Shire are not considered Acts unless specifically invokes the Shire.
5. If the required timeline for an Act does not permit presentation at a business meeting, the proposal must be approved by the Seneschal and presented to the Shire Officers for a majority vote.

Article IV: Precedence and Amendments
1. These bylaws are written under the authority of the Shire of Roxbury Mill. The Shire is governed by the Kingdom of Atlantia, which is governed by the Society for Creative Anachronism Board of Directors. Any regulation or statement made in these bylaws will be held invalid if in contradiction with regulations or statements of these entities.
2. Any regulation or statement made in these bylaws will be held invalid if in contradiction with the Shire Financial Policy.
3. These bylaws may be amended by vote during a Shire business meeting.
a. All proposed amendments to Shire bylaws must be announced at least two weeks prior to the business meeting where discussion and voting will occur.
b. Shire bylaws will be amended if the proposal passes a majority vote at the business meeting, including unanimous approval from all Shire Officers present.