Upcoming A&S Activities!

* April 24: this Wednesday, we will he assisting with Revenge of the Stitch Prep at Helena and Leonarda’s place. If you need directions, ask in the Shire Facebook group!

* April 26-28: Revenge of the stitch is this weekend! It is a fun event even if you are not on a team. The Shire has one full team, led by Helena Kassandreia, and we have members on a second team led by Andromeda from Storvik, (Check the Atlantia calendar for details)

May 1: Research roundtable led by Aurelio Vitrisoni back at Tikvat

May 8 and 15: Skewered Prep, led by Adelaide

May 18: Skewered IV: There and Back Again! Our very own lovely event will have a Crafter’s Green, a May Pole we can dance, and tons of other amazing activities. https://roxburymill.atlantia.sca.org/skewered-returns/

May 22: Leonarda will lead our third annual cheese tasting at Lucy’s house!

May 29: In person Shire populace meeting during our regular Tikvat practice and A&S time.

Winter 2024 A&S Schedule

Unless otherwise indicated, A&S starts at 7:30 pm, in person at Tikvat Israel.


1/3        SCA 101 lead by Lady Helena (newcomers are especially welcome)

1/6        WREN DAY hosted by Ollam Lanea and Sir Alherin (at their house, mid- to late afternoon)

1/10      VIRTUAL – Old- and Middle-English herbalism/medicine with m’lady Eva Nethyrwode. (link to be posted on the Shire’s FB group and email list)

1/17      Dance led by m’lady Jasmin

1/24      Open A&S

1/31      Baskets 3: Secrets of the Reeds with Lady Leonarda


1/7        Things to do with a sari demonstrated by Lady Keylan, Lady Clara, and Mistress Ysabeau

2/14      Shire Swap (a chance to exchange something you don’t want or can’t use for something you do/can)

2/21      Kumihimo with Lord Kurosawa (materials to be announced separately)

2/28      2023 Show & Tell (bring something you made or accomplished in 2023 to show off)


3/6        The truth about King Arthur taught by Lady Kat Zamboni

3/13      The truth about Robin Hood taught by Lady Lucy

3/20      Open A&S

3/27 – Hand sewing 101 to prepare for Revenge of the Stitch

Behold! October and November A&S

We are back at Tikvat starting this week and looking forward to seeing everyone in person again. Unless otherwise noted, classes are at Tikvat and will start at 7:30 pm.

Oct. 4 – Shire Scriptorium. Bring your scribal projects to work on.

Oct. 11 – Medieval dance with Lady Jasmin.

Oct. 18 – Scrolder making for the new crown, led by m’lord Gleep Worp and Lady Kat Zamboni. We will have cardboard and glue and some fabric. Please bring fabric if you have any to donate for this purpose.

Oct. 25 – Learn and sing a cool SCA song, led by Ollam Lanea.

Nov. 1 – Open A&S. Bring a project to work on and hang out.

Nov. 8 – Heraldry workshop with Ollam Ruaidhri

Nov. 15 – Tablet/Card Weaving, Pt. 1 – Warping, taught by Lady Helena. Bring your box loom, tablet loom, or inkle for this class and Part 1 will focus on how to read the patterns and warp up the cards. Materials needed will be posted close to the class date. We will have two weeks to finish warping before the weaving instruction at the end of the month. (Interested but do not have a loom? Please let us know in advance and we can work on getting a loaner for you.)

Nov. 22 (Thanksgiving eve) – Virtual Watch Party! We will watch two of the BBC History of Africa videos covering the Swahili Coast and the Southern Kingdoms while prepping turkey and cranberries! The Watch Party will use Synctube and the link will be posted in a way that (hopefully) does not cause me to get in trouble with FB again.

Nov. 29 – Tablet/Card Weaving, Pt. 2 – Weaving, taught by Lady Helena. Part 2 of the class will focus on how to weave, keep track of the turns, follow the pattern, etc.

There is one A&S spot left in December. What do you want to do? Do you want to teach? Let us know!

– The Shire Ministry of A&S

September A&S Schedule

September is going to be wild with A&S held in a different location each week due to High Holiday celebrations at TI.  Hang on to your seats and read the fine print! A&S begins at 7:30 pm regardless of location.

Sept. 6 – Open A&S – led by Herrin Clara Hutmacher – In person @ TI 

Sept. 13 – Discussion of the movie Agora (2010) – led by Lady Kat Zamboni. VIRTUAL @ Shire Zoom Room (see below) Agora is a fictional movie about the Greek philosopher-astronomer Hypatia of Alexandria. It stars Rachel Weisz and Oscar Isaacs.

  • If you don’t have time to watch the whole two hour movie, there is a History Buffs (like cliff’s notes) review at History Buffs: Agora

Sept. 20 – Shire biz meeting and social, no A&S. In person @ Adelaide and Ishmael’s house. PM Ishmael or Adelaide for their address. Note: this activity has a different starting time than regular, weekly A&S.

Sept. 27 – Feast and any other Milled! Prep that is needed. In person @ Lucy’s House

Let us know if you have any questions.


Arts and Sciences Schedule through Pennsic

All activities to be in person at Tikvat Israel, beginning at 7:30 pm, unless otherwise indicated.

July 12 – A History of Cut Gems taught by Lord Aurelio Vitrisoni.

July 19 – Tutor Acting Techniques taught by Master Ishmael Stedfast Reed. This is an interactive class. @ TI, 7:30 p.m.

July 26 – Pennsic Prep. Bring any last minute projects to work on before Pennsic. @ TI, 7:30 pm

SUPPER CLUB – July 8 (Saturday), Herrin Clara Brauer will host the second quarterly meeting of the Shire Supper Club, which will take place at the home of Lady Kat Zamboni and m’lord Ralph the Eyebiter. PM Kat or Ralph for the address. Supper Club is a medieval pot luck and the theme for this one is to make something from Max Miller’s Tasting History series. Either his YouTube Videos or cookbook. 5 pm.  

Tasting History YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/c/TastingHistory

Tasting History Cookbook – https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1982186186

NOTE: There will be no official A&S during the two weeks of Pennsic (August 2 & 9). We will reconvene on August 16.

Upcoming A&S Activities

3/25 (SUNDAY) Supper Club medieval potluck at Kat (Katie) and Ralph the Eyebiter’s (Cerveny Taiji) house. Begins at 4 pm.

3/29 – Veils 101. Bring about a 1/2 or more of lightweight fabric, matching thread, scissors, sewing needle, etc.

April 4/5 – Second annual cheese tasting extravaganza (NOT AT TIKVAT ISRAEL) with Lady Leonarda (Claire), at Lucy’s House – bring your favorite cheese to share. PM Lucy on Facebook for her address.

4/12 – A&S AMA hosted by Lady Clara (Katherine) with Lady Jill (Jilly Marie) Lady Helena (Jessica) and Master Ishmael (Michael) on deck for your questions. Lady Jill is a relatively new AOA, Lady Helena is likewise a relatively new GOA, and Master Ismael is a newly minted laurel. They will be around to discuss their journeys, thoughts on the SCA, and other pressing questions that inquiring minds may want to know.

4/19 – Introduction to DEI initiatives with Mistress Faye (Angela).

4/26 – Shire Scriptorium (aka Calligraphy practice night).

5/3 & 5/10 – T-tunic sew-along with Lady Adelaide (Kelsey). Materials to be posted separately.

5/17 – Drop Spindle Spinning with Ollam Lanea. Participants need to bring a drop spindle and details for obtaining an inexpensive one will follow.

5/24 – History of Early Gemcutting with Lord Aurelio (AJ)


All activities to be in person at Tikvat Israel, beginning at 7:30 pm, unless otherwise indicated.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has volunteered to teach or host a class. Quite literally, it could not be done without you all.

Jan. 11 – Wren Crafting Day – Lady Jill

Jan. 18 – History of Wren Day – Ollam Lanea

Jan. 25 – Everybody Hertz: Music For People Who Know Nothing About Music (But Want To Learn More) – Lord Mattheus

BONUS A&S – Tues. Jan. 31 @ 7:30 pm – A Brief History of Stained Glass Windows – Epy Pengelly, Armiger

Virtual @ https://meet.google.com/vwn-gvet-pgo

Feb. 1 – Women’s Renaissance Clothing – m’lord Fróðir Kalason

Feb. 8 – Open A&S

Feb. 15 – Yale Lecture Series on the Early Middle Ages

Virtual @ https://meet.google.com/vwn-gvet-pgo

Feb. 22 – Calligraphy Play Date – Kolfinna Valravn

Mar. 1 – T-Tunic Sewalong: How to make the basic SCA garment – Lady Adelaide Halfpint

Part 1: Patterning and Cutting

Mar. 8 – T-Tunic Sewalong: How to make the basic SCA garment – Lady Adelaide Halfpint

Part 2: Sewing and Finishing – Lady Adelaide

BONUS A&S – Sat. March 11 – Time TBD – Paint a canvas heraldic flag

In person @ Lucy’s house, email or PM on Facebook for address.

Mar. 15 – Make a Jaunty German Hat – Lady Clara

Mar. 22 – Calligraphy 103 – Kolfinna Valravn

Mar. 29 – Veil 101: Make a simple veil – Lucy

Skewered! 3 A&S Activities

Themed Competition

Theme: 16th Century Eastern Europe

Documentation: At least EZ-Doc level

Drop off: 9am-10am

Format: Populace Choice Beancount – Each person who visits the A&S area will be given three event-specific tokens with which to vote on their favorite entry. They may give any number of their tokens to any number of entries, i.e. three to one entry, one each to three entries, etc. Winner will be the entry with the most tokens, and will be announced at the end of the event. Judging begins at the end of the A&S Drop-off period.

Artisan’s Tea – 10am-11am

In the Golden Age spirit of cultural exchange and the enthusiastic sponsorship of artists and scientists by Sigismund I, we offer a relaxing teatime at 10am (at the end of A&S drop-off), for artists and scientists and craftspeople of all kinds to meet, mingle, and share their pieces and advice with each other. Drinks and light food will be served.

Meet the Artisans Hour – 2:00 PM

Have you ever visited an A&S Display and marveled at the object, but wanted to know more about how it was made? Have you ever entered a competition and wished you could get feedback from others who make things like yours?

At Skewered, we want to give both makers and populace a chance to interact, meet, and learn from each other more directly. For an hour of the event, we request that all the artisans who have submitted pieces to the competition return to the A&S area to attend their pieces so that the populace can get to know you and your work more directly than just reading your documentation.