Upcoming A&S Activities!

* April 24: this Wednesday, we will he assisting with Revenge of the Stitch Prep at Helena and Leonarda’s place. If you need directions, ask in the Shire Facebook group!

* April 26-28: Revenge of the stitch is this weekend! It is a fun event even if you are not on a team. The Shire has one full team, led by Helena Kassandreia, and we have members on a second team led by Andromeda from Storvik, (Check the Atlantia calendar for details)

May 1: Research roundtable led by Aurelio Vitrisoni back at Tikvat

May 8 and 15: Skewered Prep, led by Adelaide

May 18: Skewered IV: There and Back Again! Our very own lovely event will have a Crafter’s Green, a May Pole we can dance, and tons of other amazing activities. https://roxburymill.atlantia.sca.org/skewered-returns/

May 22: Leonarda will lead our third annual cheese tasting at Lucy’s house!

May 29: In person Shire populace meeting during our regular Tikvat practice and A&S time.