November 2020 Virtual A&S Schedule: “Rome for the Holidays”

Thanks to the hard work of Lady Lucy, we have a fantastic line-up of Roman-related classes for November!

  • November 4: “Globi & Possibly More” with Talia! Talia is going to do a cooking demonstration of Roman globi, which are basically donuts. If time permits, we may get into a discussion of Roman breads.
  • November 11: “Sic Semper Tyrannus, Lanea v. Rome” with Lanea (obviously). Lest we swallow the Roman red pill, Lanea will remind us why Rome sucks as we should all fight the power!
  • November 18: “Roman Clothing” with Dame Emma West and Surprise Guest. Dame Emma and a TBD surprise co-teacher will download us on what the Romans wore – with plenty of time to pull something together before the actual Rome for the Holidays festivities.
  • November 25: “Satire & Elegy and the Invention of Personal Poetry” with Katie! Katie is going to teach us some Roman cultural stuff because she is wicked smart and knows things (this is the official description).
  • Date TBD: “Parthian Chicken Cooking Demonstration” with Aurelio! On a TBD weekend afternoon in earlyish November, Aurelio will demonstrate cooking a Roman dish called Parthian Chicken. He will also discuss Roman spiced wine, the predecessor to hippocras.

All Wednesday classes will take place in our normal Google Meet: