Update to Atlantia’s COVID Policy

Friends, Shirefolk, and all associated guests,

As of Monday, May 23rd, 2022, The Shire of Roxbury Mill will be requiring a well-fitted mask to be worn (i.e. over both mouth and nose) at all indoor Official Events and Activities. This is in keeping with new Atlantian Kingdom Policy, published today, Sunday, May 22nd, as well as local guidance from the Montgomery County Government on their “COVID-19 Tracker”

“Official Events and Activities” are defined as any activity advertised on the Facebook page or e-list by members or officers of the Branch.

Masks are not required at outdoor events, though they may be required under dayshades and at court. It is recommended that you have a mask with you at any outdoor events.

The first upcoming activity to require masks will be Wednesday’s practice at Tikvat Israel Congregation — please bring a mask, though we will have some available as well.

Please see the official announcement and explanation of the new guidance here: https://atlantia.sca.org/covid-policy-update/

Don’t hesitate to email or PM our Seneschal, Ishmael Stedfast Reed, with any questions.