April 2021 Virtual A&S Schedule

The schedule for April’s virtual A&S activities is:

  • April 7 – Inkle and Tablet Weaving Night! We have a number of narrow-weavers in the shire (and a number of folks who want to learn!), so roll up to A&S to share your work and learn from each other!
  • April 14 – History of Science Documentaries! Looking towards the science-focused Atlantian University in June, we will be watching several short documentaries on the history of science.
  • April 21 – Scribal/Bardic Night Returns (now with Fiber)! Bring your bardic and share with the shire! Bring your scribal projects to work on and share between songs! Since we began this month with inkle and tablet weaving, we also invite the fiber artists amongst the shire to bring their projects to work on and share!
  • April 28 – “Beyond Kells” with Bran Mydwynter! Everyone’s favorite Bran will be highlighting Insular manuscripts apart from the Book of Kells and the Lindesfarne Gospels that are helpful for scrollmaking.

April 7, 21, and 28 will occur at our usual Google Meet (https://meet.google.com/vwn-gvet-pgo). The link for April 14 will be posted to the shire Facebook and sent to the email list by 7:15 that night.