A&S 2/18

From our MoAS:
Greetings to the Shire!

As the folks who were making chair covers have completed their covers (or nearly) as of last week. We will be starting on making scroll cases this Thursday (2/18) as Kingdom largess for Gulf Wars.

We have the supplies, (or rather, Jen Dostal will be bringing the supplies), we just need some extra hands to help cut fabric and cardboard, glue and assemble them into scroll cases.

As always, Thursday Arts &Sciences night is at Tikvat Israel Congregation (2200 Baltimore Road, Rockville, MD 20851) from 7-ish to 9 p.m.

Please note: Our site is HUUUUGE, so if scroll cases are not your thing, please feel free to come hang out, watch the fighting and fencing (2 lists! No Waiting!). We’d love to see your A&S work-in-progress.