Upcoming A&S Activities

3/25 (SUNDAY) Supper Club medieval potluck at Kat (Katie) and Ralph the Eyebiter’s (Cerveny Taiji) house. Begins at 4 pm.

3/29 – Veils 101. Bring about a 1/2 or more of lightweight fabric, matching thread, scissors, sewing needle, etc.

April 4/5 – Second annual cheese tasting extravaganza (NOT AT TIKVAT ISRAEL) with Lady Leonarda (Claire), at Lucy’s House – bring your favorite cheese to share. PM Lucy on Facebook for her address.

4/12 – A&S AMA hosted by Lady Clara (Katherine) with Lady Jill (Jilly Marie) Lady Helena (Jessica) and Master Ishmael (Michael) on deck for your questions. Lady Jill is a relatively new AOA, Lady Helena is likewise a relatively new GOA, and Master Ismael is a newly minted laurel. They will be around to discuss their journeys, thoughts on the SCA, and other pressing questions that inquiring minds may want to know.

4/19 – Introduction to DEI initiatives with Mistress Faye (Angela).

4/26 – Shire Scriptorium (aka Calligraphy practice night).

5/3 & 5/10 – T-tunic sew-along with Lady Adelaide (Kelsey). Materials to be posted separately.

5/17 – Drop Spindle Spinning with Ollam Lanea. Participants need to bring a drop spindle and details for obtaining an inexpensive one will follow.

5/24 – History of Early Gemcutting with Lord Aurelio (AJ)